Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is value of pursuing a vocation, hobby or activity that you love?

It would seem that this is a two part question with vocation being in a category itself. I liked teaching. I could not picture myself doing anything else. I liked the kids and the people I taught with. I liked seeing my students get turned on to science or really improve grade-wise when they put forth the effort. I was not like some educators who hated to see summer vacation come. They could hardly wait to get back to school in the fall. Not me. I enjoyed summer activities and the freedom too much. However,rarely was I in a hurry for summer vacation to come or the end of my career. I was content at what I was doing. The value of what I did? Theoretically to expand the students knowledge and appreciation of the world around them. Many times I would have a student tell me that they never really liked science until they had my class. You really never know what is going to interest you until you are exposed to it.
A hobby is entirely something else. The reason you do it is because you love it. If I might return to the last statement of first paragraph. One of my hobbies is bird watching. I never would have developed that interest if I had not taken an Ornithology course for my last bio elective before graduating. Up to that point, I had no interest in birds at all. Birdwatching was for twits! I had a most enthusiastic prof whose energy was inoculated into me. I became aware of the special creation of God called birds. Their whole adaptation to flight was incredible. To this day, I enjoy watching and identifying them. Value? A chance to see evidence of the Creator and the vast variety of what he made.
I love to bicycle. I remember the first year after I had bought my first good bike, I was about 5 miles out of Amery. I was thinking that all I had to get me back to town was this contraption made of two triangles, wheels, assorted parts and my body. I remember thinking that was pretty cool. I felt powerful, sort of. One can travel all over with a bicycle. What a great way to see anything; nature, old towns, even people. Value? You are taking care of the one body you have to carry yourself around in. If you are in the city, it is a money saving device, right, Don, Katie, Matt?
Photography has been an interest of mine for about as long as I can remember. The Famous Photographers School that I took a correspondence class in when I was in the USCG was a great help to me. I had my own darkroom and developed my own BW film and printed my own enlargements. I learned about filters, lenses and composition. I bought my first nice camera, lenses, flash etc. during my enlistment. Combining two of my passions, I have enjoyed taking pictures of birds. I also love taking pictures of God's handiwork that surrounds us. Value? Being a pest to my children at times when the old man is trying to get a pix of everyone. Seriously, since I have no artistic ability, it pleases me to take a well composed, exposed picture of nature. I can't improve on what He has done but I can record it for future enjoyment.
Don't know if this would qualify as a hobby, but I love to spend time with my bride. Being my best friend, and one who sort of understands me, it is most enjoyable to be with her. Value? Sure makes life a whole lot better, don't cha think?


  1. i think people have it made when they can make the hobby they love their career. keeping my fingers crossed... good post, dad.

  2. You are very artistically inclined sir-wonderful, beautiful photographs!

  3. Getting out into nature, taking an interest in looking at things, keeping active, all of those things were pretty common in the house growing up. I'm glad to have seen examples of those and must have taken on some of those practices.