Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Scary Movies

It is rainy out and I can't do what I would like to do and it has been a long time since I left a blog entry.
So, the slip I pulled out of the jar said what were some special fears or fantasies I had as a child.
My folks hardly ever got to go anywhere in the summer at the resort. One or the other had to be always there for the customers. After several years, the regulars that came every year became dependable friends. Sometimes they would say, "Don, Chucky, why don't you go in to Chetek and take in a movie and we'll watch the place. The night I will always remember was the night they took me in and the movie was "Abott and Costello and the Mummy".
You talk about terrified! Every time the mummy would come out, all wrapped up in strips of cloth, walking stiff legged, Gary would head for the floor. Pleading, I would ask, "Is he gone yet?". I would come up only long enough until the mummy's next entrance.
No matter how many times my parents would tell me it was only make believe, I was not consoled. What are they talking about? I can see him with my own eyes, don't tell me it is only make believe. He was headed out of the screen, walking down the aisle, picking me up and taking me away to do all kinds of terrible things a little kid can imagine. There was this swinging door deep inside the tombs that would pivot and one of the main actors would disappear and out would come the mummy and then down I would go. Yep, down under the seat.
I have seen the movie since on TV. THIS TIME, I was calm, cool and collected. never hit the floor, not even once. However, I could see how it might be really frighting to a seven year old. In watching it as an adult, I never had the thought that I was such a stupid kid to act like I did in 1955.
I really had a hard time separating real from the screen images. I was just sick when "Ole Yeller" died. All those cowboy movies where guys were getting killed right and left. It was so real, again, I had see it with my own eyes; seeing is believing, right?
The rest of my life, scary movies never had the appeal to me that they do to many. Friday the 13th movies? Ah, nope! Chainsaw massacre movies? As much as I like my chain saw, nope! How about those that have the demon or monster come through the TV? They're baaaaack! Nope! Night of the living dead? Nope! Zombies? Nope! Afred Hitchcock? Hey, I thought I was pretty tough watching some of his movies. I wasn't even nuts about the Twilight Zone on television. Yep, I'm a whimp! I would much rather laugh at a comedy or chick flick. Especially if I"m with my favorite chick! :-)


  1. This must be why I don't like them either! Actually, I had a couple of experiences watching scary movies too young as well and it just turned me off to them. I don't remember them exactly but it was enough.

  2. I can still hardly watch Scooby doo! I remember watching the Indiana Jones movie, (the one where that guy likes ages all creepy at the end) and I remember hiding behind the couch! Thanks for sharing Dad, I missed your blogs! ~A

  3. I hate scary movies-they stay in my head way too long!