Friday, January 16, 2009

What was going on at my birth, my biggest disappointment and the joys of parenting

Picture is of oldest son Don in Eau Claire, winter of 73-74-Now his children ride in the sled.
1st blog- When I was born, our country was coming out of "the war to end all wars". How optimistic that was! Since then, I have lived through three other major conflicts: the Korean, Vietnam and the present conflict in the mid-east. I was right smack dab in the "baby boomer" population explosion. My graduating class in Rice Lake was the second largest ever to graduate. I think it was just in the last few years that there was another class larger than our 235. During those post war years were good years for our country economically and morally compared to where we are now. I suppose old folks have looked back and made statements like since time began.
Music was still the big band of Tommy Dorsy and others but rock and roll was just around the corner.
I don't remember much about movies then. They all were in B and W. I do remember my folks taking me to see "Abbott and Costello and the Mummy" and it scared me out of my wits. I spent most of the time on the floor under the seat. I have seen it since and I understand why I was so scared. I have been able to watch it now with out hiding behind the coach or having bad dreams afterward. It was difficult for me to separate what I saw on the screen from what was real. Any time I saw something die, I just cold not process that it was not real. My Mom tried to explain, but after all, I saw Old Yeller die with my own eyes!
I think one of the largest disappointments of my life was the loss of my father when he was only 52. I was 25 at the time and I was just getting to know him as a person instead of just a father. He died quite suddenly of a cerebral aneurism. I have often pictured him with his grand children and they with him and how he would have enjoyed them and they with him.
My mother used to say that couples with out children would lead a lonely life when they got older. I would have to concur with her. It is also a time pride to see what kind of adults they have become. Also, what kind of worker, what kind of spouse, what kind of parent, what kind of Christian. Not to mention the companionship they bring when we get together. The great entertainment they provide for Mom and me. I am so grateful to God for giving us our childrem to my wife and I. I am so blessed.


  1. great post, dad! keep em coming!

  2. It's alive! Dad's blog that is. This is great. Keep them coming. I will check frequently. Also, if you do write a response to a question you pull from the jar, you might write the "question of the day:_______" as the title of the post so we know what you are responding too.
    nice job.

  3. My first memory is playing with the velcro on my first pair of camoflage shoes.

    Oh yeah, by the way, great post. I look forward to reading more.

    FYI, download Picasa for photo editing. I will make it really easy for you to post of your photography.

  4. Great post Gary-looking forward to more.