Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that I enjoyed as a child that I enjoy today.

Being brought up on a 90 acre resort allowed me to do much exploring. As a young boy, 5-10 years old, this would include climbing trees to see how far I could see and watching wild life around me. Funny, that did not bother me but now, standing on a cliff or ledge? Yeow! Stand back. I would also find good places to build forts for protection. Protection from what you ask? Ah, the imagination would create the bad guys. Burying treasure and then creating maps to find the precious box again, ah what fun. I was alone much of the time at the resort so I needed to make my own fun and create imaginary companions to share in our great treks.
Now, am I still climbing trees and building forts? Not so much now even with my retirement time. However, I do like to find an elevated view so as to get the best picture. One thing still is the exploration. I still like to hike and see what my surroundings are like. My exploring nature has expanded to to further areas. This wonderful country or even across the ocean. God's wonderful forces have sculpted beautiful panorama of some I have witnessed and recorded but there is so much more to see. How much time will He allow me to do so with the gift of the bride He gave, I do not know. One cannot concern themselves with with that. As Nike would have it; Just Do it!


  1. My bike was my stallion when I was a child. It was my freedom. While riding my bike I was a jet or a cop or just a kid. I loved my bikes.

  2. Where is the next big adventure? Hawaii? I bet there are a few stunning panoramas out there. Get yourself and your bride out there while you are young and can enjoy it! :) I guess you'll be young for a while right?

    One nice thing about growing up in a small town was all the exploring and playing we could do in different natural settings, like the woods in North Park or fishing under the bridges on the river. It was a town, but still sort of like being in the country, at least compared to a big city.