Saturday, January 24, 2009

Worst advice ever/sex education

Sex education of the 50's and 60's was just a tad different from what it is today. I always felt the farm kids had a HUGE advantage over us city kids. They were surrounded by the act of intercourse by watching the farm animals. There was a lot of bad info out there and I was getting much of it. Babies out the navel? Hey, maybe! My first source of info would be my Mom who was an RN. She was so "RN" that I needed to use a particular vocabulary when addresing parts of my body and excretions. I didn't have a "little peter", it was a penus. I did not have to make poo poo, it was a BM. Which for years I thought was spelled beum and thought that was just its name. So, enter biology class as a 9th grader and then next chapter was reproduction. All Right! Finally, I was going to find out how all this works. What did the chapter cover? Things like stamens and pistil and a flower. big whoopee! So, to mom I go and I ask her how babies are born. Here is a quote that I never forgot; " Well, when two people love each other they get married and then other things happen too." Yeow! Now there was the clincher!Another time I remember her telling me that sex is what we are, not what we do.    Obviously, I continued to live in blissful ignorance until Eugene Stadola clued me in. "You see", he said, "the baby comes out between the lady's legs". I told him he was crazy, that there was not enough room there for that to happen. You mothers out there will probably attest to that. I really don't recall where I actually heard how intercourse took place. Dirty jokes? Wise aleck remarks? Just don't remember.
Worst advice ever? Probably from my father. I don't know how the subject came up but I think I was in college. He told me if I ever felt I needed to have sex, that I should have it with a prostitute. I think he was probably trying to protect the innocent mid west girls from my advances. I can't quite imagine giving my sons that sort of information. Which by the way, I tried to give them a Godly perspective on a loving, sexual relationship within marriage. I didn't want them to have to go through what I did. The girls were Mom's responsibility. Back to my Dad. The advice he gave me, I believe, was not from personal experience. In one of his letters to his older brother, Jack, he talks about getting propositioned by a prostitute when he was stationed in Alaska. He told Jack, he could never do that because he was saving himself for "his Chucky". (My Mom)
I suppose there was other advice out there that was bad: invest in mutual funds, but the sex education is what jumped into my little pea brain first.


  1. That was not what I was expecting to hear. Wow. All the bad advice I have been given throughout my life pales in comparison. I was once told to stop hanging out with my friend because they were "below me", but that is just rude, not a potential pandora's box of issues!

  2. Sheesh-glad to know you figured it all out!