Saturday, January 17, 2009

Most Important Advice I ever received.

Picture is taken at my retirement party, receiving a school bell as a present.
The most important advice I ever received was from my Uncle Jack. He was my father's older brother. I had been home for Christmas and was flying back to the lighthouse where I was stationed. Up to this time, others had taken care of me. All the way up through my college years, it was my parents. then came the Coast Guard and they determined my life. What after the Coast Guard was anybody's guess. Now, my flight had been held over in Chicago because of snow. I called my uncle who lived in the Chicago area and he came and got me. We got to talking and he asked what I was going to do after the Coast Guard. I said that I didn't know. His advice was: Head for something. You can always change your mind but YOU CAN'T STEER A SHIP THAT IS NOT MOVING. Shortly afterward, I watched Born free, about the relationship of a woman with lions. She actually gained their trust and respect. I thought, "hey that's pretty cool, I think I'll be a teacher; that's sort of like training wild lions." I have since passed on the "moving ship" advice to many students that I have had. They listened politely, don't know if they took it or not.

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  1. That is impressive you received, listened to, followed, and remembered such a singular piece of advice. Thanks for sharing.